My nick name was “pit-bull” in the trades…

Pit Bull
Yeah, that’s right I was in the trades, I ran construction-welding crews. The name “pit-bull” was given to me by one of the top Construction Engineering companies in Cleveland, Ohio.

My passion and values came out in everything I did –
I didn’t take no for an answer –
Being off budget and not on time was not in my vocabulary –
Cutting corners and sub-standard work was not acceptable –

I was who you called in to find the problem and fix it. Project management was my niche’ I was working in my strength zone – planning, seeing every detail, being ten steps ahead of the problem with the ability to think and act outside the box.

I was in my zone when it came to project management.

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What You Focus On Grows


“FOCUS: The Art of Doing One Thing Well” teaches you the surprisingly simple truth behind discovering and achieving “what’s most important to you and moving it forward”

Houston, TX, August 5, 2014– Vicki Tomlinson, coach, facilitator, and strategist, teaches you how to hit your business, personal, and financial goals with absolute certainty.

Vicki knows, knowing is not enough to accomplish your dreams and goals.

We learn by seeing – with this hands on workshop in one day you’ll discover, and transform how you identify, and focus on your top priorities, reduce stress levels, apply and learn the secret ingredient to a goal-setting process that gets results. Workshops are currently in Houston with both day and evening workshops to fit your schedules. For corporate and private workshops contact us directly to schedule. For dates, time and location go to the web-site or email Vicki.
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