Leadership is a Privilege

Leadership is a Privilege

Leadership is a privilege, understanding this rule will allow you to get beyond yourself.

  • While the leader should lead the ship, the team, the project, all while building the relationship.
  • A leader may ask –how do you do that?
  • First, you assume nothing, you teach and ask everything in a non-threatening yet conversational way that gives you the needed insight. For a seasoned leader will see the void, the disconnect, the need to ask more questions and gain the understanding to learning how to build the bridge in getting from point A to point B.

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The Bumblebee is Unable to Fly

According to the theory of aerodynamics…the Bumblebee is unable to fly.


This is because the size, weight, and shape of its body in relation to the wing spread, which would make flying impossible. But…no one could tell the bumblebee these profound scientific truths…so he goes ahead and flies anyway…and he manages to make a little honey every day.

As a child all I ever talked about was being a nurse – and helping people. Perhaps that was because, I was everyone’s caretaker – it wasn’t make believe or pretend – it was the real deal. It was what everyone wanted me to be.

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My nick name was “pit-bull” in the trades…

Pit Bull
Yeah, that’s right I was in the trades, I ran construction-welding crews. The name “pit-bull” was given to me by one of the top Construction Engineering companies in Cleveland, Ohio.

My passion and values came out in everything I did –
I didn’t take no for an answer –
Being off budget and not on time was not in my vocabulary –
Cutting corners and sub-standard work was not acceptable –

I was who you called in to find the problem and fix it. Project management was my niche’ I was working in my strength zone – planning, seeing every detail, being ten steps ahead of the problem with the ability to think and act outside the box.

I was in my zone when it came to project management.

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Creating a vision in a microwave world

Creating a vision in a microwave worldDear Sandy,

Our conversation creating a vision in a microwave world left me in a bit of a quandary. As we listed the instant examples that our culture has become accustomed to, from microwave cooking, to fast passes at Disneyland so we don’t have to wait in lines, to being annoyed if the speed of our internet connection is not blazing fast, and we used to think dial-up was fast.

Oh my gosh!! I couldn’t agree with you more when you said

“instant everything is a mindset for failure.”

Do you think that’s why we don’t have clarity of outcome? I know I need and enjoy my downtime to think, reflect, pray, write, review, ponder and call you to discuss the ripple effects. Some of my best and deepest conversations were during the planning stages. Even our conversations today are instant, text messaging, email, and twitter. Are we loosing the ability to communicate? How do you share you visions and dreams in a world of 140 characters or less?

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