Drawing Your Path to Success

Drawing Your Path To Success

The importance of PLANNING cannot be overemphasized. Ninety percent of what you do before you start a business will do more than increase your odds of success.

Why? It will allow you to get you in touch with the other you, your mindset will determine the path you take.

If you already started your business I can not overemphasize the importance of getting a good plan in place and working with a good coach.

Program Objectives

  • Hands On
  • Understanding you and your role
  • Understand the role of the business plan
  • Where the information comes from and the type of information you need.
  • Identify sources where you can get help in areas of need.
  • What type of business plan outline do you need?
  • What type of business structure do you want?
  • What segment of the market will my business target?
  • What special skills or mindset will I need to succeed in my own business?
  • What type of profits can I anticipate?
  • How do I forecast?
  • Why do 80% of small business fail in the first five years and another 80% in the next two?
  • What’s your secret sauce?

Do you really have what is takes to start, run, and grow a small business? Or are you just buying yourself a J-O-B? Before you make any decision to go into business you should attempt to learn as much about yourself and the business your looking at as possible.

Where do you start? Here with Drawing Your Path to Success.

Already started your business, take the time to do your homework, make the changes early on to plan for Success.

What is Planning? Planning is a strategic written document containing essential ingredients that lay your foundation for your business. That will allow you to clearly define your business, it’s goals and objectives, it’s structure of operations, flow, management as well as needed capital and so much more depending upon the business. Planning is the written blue print where you start, what you modify as your business grows and runs.

Plan your Successful business venture today with Drawing Your Path to Success.