The Bumblebee is Unable to Fly

According to the theory of aerodynamics…the Bumblebee is unable to fly.


This is because the size, weight, and shape of its body in relation to the wing spread, which would make flying impossible. But…no one could tell the bumblebee these profound scientific truths…so he goes ahead and flies anyway…and he manages to make a little honey every day.

As a child all I ever talked about was being a nurse – and helping people. Perhaps that was because, I was everyone’s caretaker – it wasn’t make believe or pretend – it was the real deal. It was what everyone wanted me to be.

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My nick name was “pit-bull” in the trades…

Pit Bull
Yeah, that’s right I was in the trades, I ran construction-welding crews. The name “pit-bull” was given to me by one of the top Construction Engineering companies in Cleveland, Ohio.

My passion and values came out in everything I did –
I didn’t take no for an answer –
Being off budget and not on time was not in my vocabulary –
Cutting corners and sub-standard work was not acceptable –

I was who you called in to find the problem and fix it. Project management was my niche’ I was working in my strength zone – planning, seeing every detail, being ten steps ahead of the problem with the ability to think and act outside the box.

I was in my zone when it came to project management.

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Invisible but invaluable what a great heartfelt moment

Invisible but invaluable what a great heartfelt moment, to read those words when an unexpected note of gratitude comes your way, it makes you stop for a moment as you try and recall the moment that you were just being you, yet someone noticed.

The emotional tank is filled as you read:

“Wanted to say thanks for packing my mental and emotional parachute many, many times last year!

You are a great person and a super friend

With Love Lorri”

It was Monday June 1st 2001 at 2:36pm, when that note came in with this story attached.

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Out with the old-In with the new

A time of reflection

It’s a time of reflection, of contemplation on where you’ve been, what you’ve learned and where are you going…

It’s a time to wake up, seeing each sunrise as a new beginning by saying: This is my day of opportunity, let it begin, for today I am uncovering all my hidden gifts, moving towards a new direction with new possibilities…

Are you with me? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What would I pursue if there were nothing in my way and anything was possible?
  2. Who and where do I want to be?
  3. Am I utilizing the gifts to the fullest that infinite intelligence has given to me?

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I have to get it right the first time


Perfectionism, the “I have to get it right the first time” syndrome.

PerfectionismI know, I wanted to make my first blog posting brilliant the first time out. While it was a nice idea, it just didn’t work out that way. I didn’t pose the question, I didn’t let you the readers know Sandy is a real client that wanted to share and get feed back to her frustration to writing and selling her vision.

NO!! The way perfectionism works, is it ties you up in knots, sending you fleeing from your desk, spinning in circles, making you so crazy you can’t think straight, let alone write.

Hmmm – and then it suddenly dawns on me that is exactly why I created “the Uptown Ladies Club” to mastermind. I don’t need to be a perfectionist. I need to be transparent, to share my thoughts, and get the insight of others, and at the same time, remember to not let my passion cloud my judgment thinking I have to have all the answers.

Perfectionism leads to paralysis
This leads to procrastination