About Time and Abundance

Vicki Tomlinson, Founder & CEO

Vicki Tomlinson

WOW!!! What a journey, the tapestry of my life, being a student of what I teach led to the creation of “Time and Abundance” making this truly a labor of love. After 30+ years of working either in or on businesses, no matter the position I could see a vision for each, I always wanted to learn more and never accepted status quo. I value relationships, my focus and personal mission was and is to walk in integrity, to make a difference in the people I meet, and the businesses I’ve been a part of.

Being a student of what I teach, comes from years of studying business, leadership, strategic planning and team building in both working and owning many different companies. I have had the opportunity to be apart of building organizations from the ground up, being in the trenches to CEO. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. I realized far too many times those I worked for had me working in and on the business and wearing far too many hats. The normal for me was to start at the bottom and end at the top, leave and see or hear them fail. Why? They would go back to old habits, I didn’t know or see it then but as I looked at my journey and the tapestry of who I am, what’s my passion, what do I do differently? I realized I understood Socrates law…learn and do learn and do, Taking learned knowledge and moving into activity knowledge.

You see leadership is not defined by a job, or a title, leadership is influence, it’s a process of knowing your “Why.” But the problem was my why, my vision, and my mission was mine, it wasn’t the owners. They could not give one so I created one, others bought in and share the vision, but when I left so did the vision.

I built organizations not just a business, as a leader, you provide a purpose with direction, and motivation for others to buy in, to share your vision – a picture of the future.

People want to know how they can help. What problem can they solve?

People want to engage in something real, this is true in family life, as well as business. I love to read self help, business, and leadership books, but I love to put them to use. It wasn’t until I decided to become a John Maxwell Certified Coach that I realized how much I had grown into a true leadership role understanding the law of the lid, and how time had allowed me to reap the abundance of knowledge and how to share it with others.

The questions you should be asking yourself is: What’s wrong with my picture right now?

Chances are its:

  • That no one is leading
  • There is no vision, so there’s no mission
  • There is no buy-in
  • You’re just there day-in, day-out

I believe when you build a business to an organization you gain a team. It’s through the authority of your team that you lead.

Is anyone following? If not, you’re just going for a walk.

I believe it’s time for a change, I believe if we take ownership in our lives one by one others will follow. We become better role models and leaders in our families, communities, and work places, as we call our selves to a higher standard we set the bar for others to follow. As businesses continue to down size, we need to be more aware of how to lead our selves. Please join me in building a better tomorrow; using the time we have today.

Kindest Regards, I hope to see you in class!!

— Vicki Tomlinson

Lynne Williams, Partner & Vice President

Lynne Williams has over 25 years of accounting, tax and fiscal management experience. She began working in her early career in accounts payable, credit and collections and then as a staff accountant at a public accounting firm before starting her own bookkeeping and financial planning company.

Lynne is experienced in all aspects of accounting as well as tax and financial planning. Lynne’s accounting skills include month-end closing, reconciliation of general ledger and bank accounts, fixed asset management, and payroll reconciliation. Lynne also has in-depth knowledge of third party accounting and payroll company software platforms, and is proficient with QuickBooks and other accounting software. She assists many clients with accounting record updates and preparation of financial statements on a daily basis. Lynne prepares quarterly and year-end financial planning and reporting, including personal and corporate estimated tax payment calculations along with preparation of bonus and withholding presentations. Lynne also prepares all area property tax renditions, Forms 1099’s, W-2’S and Texas Franchise Tax returns for her clients. Her knowledge also includes oil and gas accounting along with investments, tracking basis and realized gains and losses associated with those accounts. Lynne also has experience with law firms, retail, restaurants and other types of entities that require specific accounting skills.

Along with helping businesses with their daily accounting needs, Lynne has individual clients. She helps them track their personal spending, align their household budgets, manage household employees and prepare for tax returns and planning.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her son who is a sophomore in high school and volunteering with the booster club for the marching band, in which her son is a percussionist. She is currently the lead treasurer for the booster club. Lynne also has a daughter who is currently a kindergarten teacher with Austin ISD. She also has 2 large dogs who enjoy going on walks and playing in the back yard. Lynne also enjoys working on home improvement projects at her home along with gardening.